How to Get Started in Online Poker

online poker

One of the best ways to get started with online poker is to play low stakes games. These games are soft enough for new players to learn their strategy and tactics without the risk of losing money. Beginners-only tables are often available at many poker sites. Beginner tables are usually open for new customers for about 30 to 90 days after creating an account, and beginners are safe from more experienced players. If you’re a beginner, start at the lowest stakes possible and gradually increase your stakes as your experience improves.

Ignition Poker recommends starting at the smallest stakes

When you’re just starting out, it’s recommended that you start off at the smallest stakes at Ignition Poker. The reason for this is that you’re more likely to run into weaker players when playing at lower stakes, so you can learn to make good decisions by playing against weaker opponents. However, Ignition Poker also offers a referral bonus. If you recommend your friends to sign up for Ignition Poker, you’ll receive 200% of their first deposit up to $100.

Ignition Poker

The Ignition Poker room offers three main types of poker: no-limit, pot-limit, and fixed-limit. The games are spread across many tables and range in stakes from $0.02/5 cents to $30/60. You can also play cash games with tables ranging from $0.05/$0.10 to $10/$20. The site also features a full complement of SNG contests, with stakes ranging from $1 + $0.10 to $200 + $10, and multi-table tournaments that can have stakes up to $160+.

888 Poker

Unlike its competitors, 888 Poker has a dedicated customer service department and supports several currencies. You can also play tournaments and cash games at the same time. However, 888 does have some flaws, which we will discuss in more detail below. Despite its customer support department’s efficiency, 888 follows the old adage of “two steps forward, two steps back.” While 888’s biggest flaw isn’t their software, it’s the fact that it’s not the best in the business.

Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker is an Irish online poker card room and online casino. Founded in June 2004, it was originally privately owned by Tiltware, LLC, and later by the Rational Entertainment Group. In 2011, Amaya and The Stars Group bought the business, which was renamed Full Tilt Poker. It currently boasts over a million players and more than a billion dollars in annual revenue. However, the company is not without controversy, as it has been shut down by its customers in the past.

Party Poker

Party Poker is one of the original online poker brands. The brand focuses on easy-to-play poker games that anyone can enjoy. This casino software comes with many bonuses, including one without depositing a cent. Also, as an added bonus, there’s a huge welcome bonus on your first deposit. If you like to play, you can sign up for the site today! We’ll look at some of the best ways to get started at Party Poker.

Absolute Poker

A group of fraternity brothers at the University of Montana had started playing online poker but soon realized that it was a more profitable business model. They received funding from their father, Phil Tom, and worked together to find a company that could develop software for the site. One of the fraternity brothers had contacts in Asia, so they worked with a South Korean firm to design the poker site. Absolute Poker opened its doors to players in 2003.


When it comes to playing online poker, few sites can match the popularity of PokerStars. Founded in New Jersey in 2001, PokerStars quickly became the top choice for online poker players. In 2006, it officially took the title as the largest online poker room. In the years since, PokerStars has continued to grow as a business, with no shortage of player traffic or creative ingenuity. The company has recently announced the expansion of their online poker site to Connecticut.