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Lantaren Venster Rotterdam
EYE Amsterdam
LAB111 Amsterdam
Plaza Futura Eindhoven
Filmhuis De Spiegel

Filmhuis Bussum

Filmtheater Fraterhuis Zwolle
Filmhuis de Keizer Deventer
Filmtheater Gigant Apeldoorn
Filmhuis Den Haag

Cyprus Interntiona Film Festival, 2015 Creece.
Winner Golden Aphrodite best Editing (Ricky Rijneke)
Winner Golden Aphrodite best Cinematography

Manaki Brothers Cinematographers festival 2015 (Macedonia)
Official Selection

18-27 september 2015

37e Festival International De Films De
Femmes 2015

Official Selection / Main Program
/ Avant Premiere
13-22 March 2015

New York No Limits Film (USA)
Official Selection / Competition
19-22 November 2014
Winner Best Feature Film

Les Rencontres des Cinémas d'Europe
Official Selection / Main Program
16-23 November 2014

New York Independent Film Festival (USA)
Official Selection
/ Competition
15-19 0ctober 2014

NFF/Holland Film Meeting (Netherlands)
International Co-production
24 September- 3 October

Toronto Independent Film Festival (Canada)
Official Selection
/ Competition
4-13 September 2014
Winner Best Female Director

Rio de Janeiro Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino (Brazil)
Official Selection / Main Program
14-20 July 2014

Los Angeles Women's Ind' Film Festival (USA)
Official Selection / Competition
16-18-May 2014
Winner Best Cinematography
Winner Honorable Mention Narrative Feature

Skopje International Film Festival (Macedonia)
Official Selection
23-30 April 2014

Berlin Independent Film Festival 2014 (Germany)
Official Selection
/ Competition
8-18 Februari 2014
Winner Best
Film 2014

13th Pune International Film Festival Pune (India)
Official Selection
8 -15 January 2014

37th Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil)
Official Selection /
New Directors Competition.
- 31 October, 2013.
Nomination Jury Award Best Feature Film

Netherlands International Debut Film Festival Scenecs (Netherlands)
6 –10 November, 2013
Winner Dutch Golden Stone Best Film 

International Film Festival La Femme Los Angeles (USA)
Official Selection
/ Competition
17-20 October, 2013
Nomination Best Foreign Film

Montreal PHI Centre, Montreal (Canada)
Special Screening.
October, 2013
“One of the best films Phi Centre's programmers saw at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013 ”

Kaunas International Film Festival (Lithuania)
Official Selection / Main Program.
25 September - 6 October, 2013 

International Film Festival, Jagran Mumbai (India)
Official Selection / Main program.
24th – 29 September, 2013

Fresh Film Fest, International Young Talents Festival, Prague (Czech Republic)
Official Selection /
Fresh Generation.
28 August - 1 September, 2013

4th Avvantura Festival Filmforum (Croatia).
Competition Best European Co-production.
24 - 31 August, 2013
Best European Co-production.

19th Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Official Selection / Program Operation Kino
16 - 24 August, 2013

T- Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival, Wroclaw (Poland).
Official Selection / Competition
18t - 28 July, 2013
Nomination New Horizons Grand Prix
It’s a place for daring, unconventional films. films that push the language of cinema further.
Being invited to new horizons is a compliment. VARIETY

35th Moscow International Film Festival (Russia)
Official Selection / Main Program
20 - 29 June 2013

Titanic International Film Festival, Budapest (Hungary)
Competition / Main program
5 - 13 April 2013
Nomination Breaking the Waves Award

European Film Festival, Lecce (Italy)
Official Selection / Competition
8 - 13 April 2013
Winner Best Supporting Actor 
Winner Best Cinematography 

42th International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Tiger Award Competition
World Premiere
23 January - 3 February 2013
Nomination Tiger Awa

Other Screenings:
Festival de Cannes 2013.
Les Cinémas du Monde Eye On Films Screenings.
Monday 20/05/13 11:15 AM.

Festival de Cannes 2013.
Le Marche du Film / Festival de Cannes 2013
Thursday 16/05/13  3:30 PM - Palais F

Berlinale EFM 2013 and Berlinale EFM 2014
February 2013/2014
CinemaxX 16

PARLUX Entertainment film distribution will release the film in Hungarian Cinemas.

Distributor CONTACT FILM will release the film in the Benelux 11 December 2014.

Selected for Operation Kino distribution Programme.

Selected for Eye On Film Label.

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