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 ‘Impressive first feature, ingenious non-linear structure. Echoes of great European directors like Tarkovski or Béla Tarr.’
– Slow Criticism Festivalists.

'Breathtaking cinematic imagery, Winner Best Feature Film NL New York Festival'.
- New York, Jennifer Gibli.

‘The chemistry between the two is amazing. It is somewhat reminiscent of Bruno Dumont’s Hors Satan, only much softer and warmer. A powerful, very self-assured debut, Silent Ones confirms that the director is one to watch.’
– International Cinephile Society.

‘Arty thriller Silent Ones has a intriguing set-up and a stylish look, visually ravishing.’
–The Hollywood Reporter.

“An enchantingly mature debut from Ricky Rijneke. The Dutch author cleverly combines social engagement with poetic sensitivity. The film slightly resembles the works of Ulrich Seidl or
Ursula Antoniak.

- New Horizons International Film Festival.

Silent Ones debut feature film by Ricky Rijneke. Young Hungarian Csilla (Orsi Tóth) wakes up inside a crashed car in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where her brother Isti is. He has vanished without a trace. As she promised him, she boards a freighter to find a new life. Then the shady Gábor (Roland Rába), a self-proclaimed businessman crosses her path. Hallucinogenic, surrealist trip in the twilight zone between life and death.

Silent Ones won eleven awards out of fifteen nominations, among others Best Film in New York, Berlin, Los Angeles and Toronto (Best Female Director).
Silent Ones was screened at many international and independent film festivals such as Rotterdam Film Festival (Tiger competition), Sarajevo Film Festival (Program Operation Kino), T Mobile New Horizons (Competition), Moscow Film Festival (Official Selection), Mostra São Paulo (New Directors Competition), Films de Femmes de Créteil, Los Angeles women's Independent FF, Berlin BIFF, Toronto IFF and many others.

★★★★ – de Volkskrant
Best Dutch Film of the year.
‘Stunning film debut, beautiful cinema.’

★★★★ – de Filmkrant
‘Impressive, Quite magical.’

★★★★ – Cinemagazine
‘A film to reduce you to silence.’

★★★★ – VPRO
‘Powerful drama about people on the fringes of society.’

★★★★ – Het Parool
‘Stylish debut, Impressive.’

★★★★ – Trouw
‘Razor-sharp. A film poem to succumb to.’

★★★★ –
‘Powerful drama.’

International Film Festival Rotterdam (Tiger Competition)
Young Dutch director Ricky Rijneke examines with meticulous shots the fragile dividing line between life and death in her feature debut. She cleverly combines social engagement with poetic sensitivity. Hungarian Csilla wakes up inside a crashed car, somewhere in the countryside. Her younger brother Isti is nowhere to be found. Dazed, Csilla leaves the spot to begin a second life, as she promised her brother she would. She’ll never return. Persuaded by the shady Gabor - he is involved in ‘import and export’ - she sets off with him in a freighter to Western Europe. During the endless journey, Gabor violates her and Csilla loses her only reminder of Isti. Slowly, she loses her grip. Life on board the freighter is like a vacuum in which Csilla finds herself - a surrealistic twilight zone.
For Silent Ones, a former CineMart project, Rijneke brought together a selection of prize-winning European film talent, including Gergely Pohárnok and Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd for the camera work, Tamas Zanyi for the sound.
Actress and singer-songwriter Vanessa Paradis contributed with her famous song ‘Joe Le Taxi’. Andrej Dergatchev (who worked on The Return and The Banishment by Andrej Zvjagintsev) sets the tone for the film with his dreamy-ominous soundtrack. With her expressive face and few words, the Hungarian Orsi Tóth (Delta, Women Without Men) portrays a young woman fighting herself and her past.
(IFFR catalogue)

Official Selection competition 42th International Film Festival Rotterdam.(World première)
Official Selection competition T-Mobile New Horizons I.F.F. Poland
Official Selection competition Budapest Titanic I.F.F Hungary
Official Selection competition14th European I.F.F. Italy
Official Selection new directors competition 37th Sao Paulo I.F.F. Brasil
Official Selection 37th Festival International Du Films Des Femmes France.
Official Selection 19th Sarajevo I.F.F. Bosnië/Herzegovina
Official Selection competition New York No Limits. I.F.F. USA
Official Selection 35th Moscow I.F.F. Russia
and many others…

Winner Best Feature Film, New York No Limmits.I.F.F. USA
Winner Best Feature Film, Berlin B.I.F.F. Germany
Winner Best Film, Dutch Golden Stone Netherlands.
Winner Best Female Director Toronto Ind' F.F. Canada
Winner Best Cinematography, 14th European I.F.F. Italy
Winner Best Supporting Actor, 14th European I.F.F. Italy
Winner Best Cinematography, Los Angeles Women’s Ind' F.F. USA
Winner Honorable Mention, Narrative Feature, Los Angeles Women’s Ind' F.F. USA
Winner Best Cinematography, Golden Aphrodite, Cyprus I.F.F.
Winner Best Editing, Golden Aphrodite, Cyprus I.F.F.
Winner Best Film Project Rotterdam City Award, Netherlands.
Nomination Grand Prix T-Mobile New Horizons I.F.F.
Nomination New Filmmakers Sao Paulo I.F.F.
Nomination Breaking the Waves Award. Budapest I.F.F.
Nomination Tiger Award (IFFR) International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Selected for Eye On Film Label.
Selected for Operation Kino.
Operation Kino distribution Sarajevo Filmfestival

SHOT ON, Fuji 35 mm Aaton Penelope 2
RATIO: 1:2.35
LENGTH: 97 minutes
LANGUAGE: Hungarian
SUBTITLED IN: English, Dutch
COUNTRY: Netherlands, Hungary