!”, {Be still my heart! There are also companies online that claim they are US but put your stuff in a box to India where they can get the work done really cheap. Expect to pay $25-$250 for a medium PO Box. FIFTEEN HOURS. Note: One thing that I missed somehow was that you are supposed to save the outer box that the Legacybox comes in to stick the Legacybox in and mail back. 6) Groupon said we will have to get the refund from LegacyBox. Be the first to share what you think! Don’t use Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, etc…..they also put your stuff in a box and ship it off. If you spot any obvious signs that it’s not performing as it should, then it’s time to consult a specialist. This looks amazing…but I read something that cautioned against replacing hard copies with digital….because it is likely the digital technology to read them will become obsolete in maybe just a decade or less. The films were where they were about 5 and 6 you talk about happy happy kids. Oh no! Any extra stickers should be on a completely separate sheet from those you already did pay for and they should be very well marked and NOT in fine print. Similarly, you can’t build much software for $10,000. {No, on second thought, let’s stick with the I don’t take reviews lightly excuse. Be safe and go with a local company, even if more expensive. Prices range between $5,995,000 and $7,500,000 with 16 currently advertised for sale. BritBox is cheaper than a subscription to Amazon Prime (which comes in at £7.99 a month). {Looking for other honest reviews? After reading all of the reviews, is there is recommendation’s for services other than Legacybox. I break out in a cold sweat when I look at all of my various formatted memories that aren’t being enjoyed BUT I DONT want to have any of it lost……. When you order, they ship you a nice empty box and a booklet with … But compared to other companies offering similar services to the Redbox franchise, the startup cost/cost of purchasing a DVDNow franchise, for instance, hovers around the $25,000 mark. We’re currently the industry leader in our line of work and have served over 500,000 customers all across the country. I’ve contacted them 3 times with “slightly” OCD-level questions and they’ve been patient in their answers. We are trying to write on the back if our pictures this info for our future generations. Do you know? It’s not real clear when you signup and pay, but you get the converted films back with no sound. How much does legacy showcase series two cost? Simply load your Legacybox kit with your home movies and pictures. But it’s also very clearly not anywhere near 100%, which just doesn’t work in this business of taking people’s memories. Go local. While some of the older VHS, film, and audio might be hard to professionally preserve yourself, other things — like photos — would be fairly simple to scan and preserve onto a DVD or thumb drive. Thank you for sharing! I have now been weeks trying to get my money back from them with no luck! All rights reserved. However, I had two issues. All They can preserve many different kinds of media — photos, VHS tapes, DVDs, even Super 8 film! From that format, you can store them anyway you want to . Try it in a DVD player. I’ll have to do some good research, cos this place seemed the perfect solution. Legacy was very accommodating with my last order. I purchased two “Closet” boxes. Since we did this for my dad, and he died before they returned our materials to us (three months later), our family is VERY unhappy with legacy box. You can reach us by email, phone, live chat on our website or on social media. Very few people in the 70s had sound 8mm cameras back then. Digital download is the #1 way to receive these files. When I asked why they can’t include that in the cost, allowing you to choose the format without charging additional money, she said it’s just how it’s done and that it’s listed on the site. Attempting to reach any one by phone is a real problem for me. best. 2 Item Starter. A year later, without letting anyone know, the deleted all of the online media and told me it can’t be recovered. They are sending me review requests and newsletters despite having unsubscribed twice, and having reached out to their customer service team about unsubscribing twice. just recently my rep told me 4 Sept 2018… “your order along with many others should be getting through shipping this week as there has been a backlog of orders that are complete and not shipped out yet. You never have to leave your house! Anyone else have this experience? However, I went to download recorded memories on a my new laptop, I discovered that the DVDs are now cleaned of all their contents. Your pup will thank you for it! The average cost of used box trucks range from $12,000 to $29,900 depending on the manufacturer and size. {Great Last Minute Gift Idea! One comment about the quality of DVDs. Whether it's for business or personal use, USPS ® offers a range of PO Box ™ sizes to hold your mail and packages safely at a Post Office ™ facility near you. This box usually cost between $40-$80. So now we only have this digital download we dont’ want to watch it on a laptop or phone!! And this wasn’t free shipping this was inflated smart post charge. I sent legacybox some video tapes, and thirteen rolls of negatives. Posted by 4 years ago. I remitted on that day for atotal of $ 71.18 Then on 1-28-18 I was told that they needed $28 more which I remitted that day. You can use the second type of barcodes to add to your box! I was offered a refund if I wasn’t satisfied. I’m 45, I buy things and travel all the time and I’ve never done this before. Made me so happy and so melancholy at the same time! It’s a cinch! Check out chatbooks.com – Download the app – add pictures – add caption and done! Looking forward to hearing from you! Try now Contact Sales. i will not risk my memories with Legacy box. Of course, a blogger/reviewer of their services would receive the white glove treatment. You could do it yourself. If you’d like to troubleshoot this issue some more, feel free to message our Customer Service team at questions@legacybox.com. Another DVD froze one hour in, obviously the final check of ones order is not there @ LB. }, Women’s Puffer Coats by Steve Madden only $29.99 (Reg. It’s been two months and nothing. They repeatedly lied to me when I phoned. Their customer service people seem well trained in cordiality, but not much else. . Where can I find pricing information for Legacy.com? That meant I shipped the box right away instead of having to figure out which 3 to not sent or find 22 more photos…. The price doesn’t include the cost of the digital medium/format. I’m in the same boat I think. Turn around time for the boxes is between 4-5 weeks depending on the size of the box, and you can always track the progress of it … When you get to the order page to redeem the voucher and realize you have to pay additional money, I’m guessing many people just wind up paying it just to get the process over. All the effluent from the septic tank flows to the distribution box and then is distributed into the drainage field. Yesterday I viewed all 6 DVD’s hoping I could come up with a way to resolve, then realized 19 items I sent in, with confirmation they were received and paid for, were NOT transferred to DVD! I purposely paid for the memory stick as it’s easier to upload to the computer, and I have had several orders, and I just realised all of them were missing things. $53.99 $59.98. My father owned a sound super 8 MM camera back in the 80’s, and I do want the audio synced with the video. Your email address will not be published. I am thinking it would be fun to give to a relative or friend who had a lot of memories to preserve or for someone who had lost a loved one. A thumb drive is nothing but a portable storage device like a hard drive in a laptop or phone. I was busy thru the Summer and never gave it much thought until Sept and checked online to see it was in the process of Digitizing so I waited a few more weeks and when I looked again it had never moved! Why couldn’t I have done that in the first place rather than having to redeem a voucher? However, we do take safety very seriously. Renting a small P.O. I would pick another team that has a number to CALL. Order would be out in 10 business days. Thanks for a good review! It is June 19th and I am still waiting for my merchandise. Read our disclosure policy here.). Save yourself the time, money and energy, and go elsewhere. As with other such services, there are too many problems to be reliable. Sent 6 VHS tapes in, got a thumb drive and tapes back, but NONE of the files would play. We are now in the process of going through boxes of old family pictures and trying to figure out who they are. {Silas with me at my sister’s wedding. It’s near impossible! ... mailed away the box and voila, now we have gorgeous digital copies. More importantly, the headstart will make running a track car much more cost efficient. BTW: I just ordered my Legacy Box for my 22 wedding anniversary using your coupon. Online order tracking (I’m not talking about delivery tracking, I’m talking about “informing me at every step of the way on progress” that is also promised in their famous radio ad) was either empty, or WRONG. I took a look at them. Crystal, the only thing I don’t see is the QUALITY of the digital copies. That’s Kathrynne and Kaitlynn in my sister’s wedding.}. My sister told me he bought a DVD burner and was converting them all. They advertised that it will take 4-6 weeks but it’s more like several months and they can’t tell me how much longer. Try an internet search as well. FM Living | Site design by Five J's Design. There was no audio and everything was unorganized. They offer four different kit options. I saw a Groupon special and thought about using Legacybox. Legacybox is a company dedicated to helping you preserve any format of outdated memories in a digital format. Legacybox is the only company that you’ll deal with, while our competitor's transfers are contracted through a third party. I too complained about the deceptiveness and also told them it was classic bait and switch. They immediately email back and said they would try. For instance, they want the photos in 25 quantity but I have 53 wedding photos. I have had better scanned copies from my local Costco machines and for less money. https://moneysavingmom.com/completely-honest-review-legacybox/, Legacybox.comWe'd love to hear from you. In September 2016, Avid changed the Legacy hardware upgrade pricing, the cost for an HDX Core is now the same as the Legacy upgrade price but the difference is that with the Legacy upgrade you get 3 years of upgrade/support plans included rather than the normal one year. Or are they the same? Legacy does not determine price based on square footages. Source(s): magic gathering booster box cost: https://biturl.im/5c7st. Hard to imagine…but hopefully there will be another service then that could transfer it to whatever the newest thing will be. The Annual plan costs $149.99/year, plus taxes and is available for both the TiVo Bolt and Edge. How do I go about locating someone like yourself that provides this service and is reputable?? Just wondering, in … On 1-5-18 I spoke with a rep from Legacy and told them I was not very good using a computer and thus he took my order over the phone. But it’s also one of those things that could be a priceless sort of investment. In a few weeks, you’ll receive your originals back along with archival DVDs (or an optional thumb drive), digital files ready to share and enjoy, plus the Legacybox for storage. Fill up your box with your items you want preserved. Just my two cents. I ordered a Legacybox and it never arrived. I contacted them immediately via chat. Every Legacybox order includes a welcome guide with instructions, safety barcodes and a pre-paid return mailing label. Reels that are irreplaceable. I have over 50 items to send in and I have read both good and bad reviews. DO NOT USE LEGACYBOX…EVER!!! That’s how I bought my Legacy Box last year….just something to keep in mind and start saving up for (for anyone who maybe can’t afford it right now). Being the highly-distractible person that I am, this was no small task. Just be prepared to wait a long time. Maintaining 20-year-old or even 50-year-old systems is increasingly expensive. Do not use LegacyBox. My wedding VHS was returned with a note saying it was poor quality & I was not charged since they didn’t transfer it . I sent 10 tape reels from the early 1970’s to LegacyBox as a Christmas gift to my mother after my father’s death. We sent the order July 2017 and it will be 2-1-2018 tomorrow. About 70% of the scanned pictures were partially or totally grayed out or unscanned. Universal’s “Cats” was in need of a holiday miracle. My dad was an amateur photographer (made his own dark room! However, you can always change the thumb drive for another output option, according to your own preferences. I have written them several times and they always reply 2 more weeks. ONLY the very underexposed slides were viewable. Please can someone have a little compassion and let me know what happened. Save yourself some heartbreak and don’t trust your irreplaceable family memories to this company. Legacybox sent me the original box after a few weeks (FedEx lost it), I then sent in 40 items from my late grandfather’s personal stash. You can get vouchers for around 50% off if you search Legacy Box on LivingSocial!! So how much does the "Legacy Edition" usually cost? It took way more time than normal because it was around Christmas, and I then received an unmarked brown box with my stuff and an arrangement of unlabeled DVD’s. One is that the scanned pictures were of a very low quality scan. First, I never got the original box, so months later I contacted them and they sent out another one. This was a test before I send others. -Jordan, MSM Team. If your budget falls somewhere between the $40,000 – $250,000 range with allowances given to the factors that typically increase cost, … https://www.daveramsey.com/blog/love-your-family-well-with-legacy. Research the 2020 Subaru Legacy with our expert reviews and ratings. That should have been a warning sign! Explore our plans and pricing to find the best fit for you. After three weeks, Amazon has had no success in determining whether the tapes will be returned. Because pretty much every photo and letter and piece of paper in those tubs holds special memories for me. This is Blake from Legacybox! Seriously doubt I will ever get the money back … what a scam. A DVD can’t be wiped clean UNLESS they just went bad. I have now asked for my items to be returned and my money refunded. I guess they just load them in and take them out without any quality control. Having irreplaceable memories stolen is beyond tragic and I hate that this occurred as a part of our service. I love having these digitally, but a 5min phone call could have resolved the whole thing,….makes you think they purposefully want to keep my money while they dilly-dally! Hey Beth! I’ve called their 800 line several times during the past three months and either receive a message that due to a large volume of calls I should refer to information on LB’s website… or I wait on hold for an hour or more and no one picks-up. That wasn’t my experience, but to keep this an honest Legacybox review I definitely think it’s important that you know that this is something that has happened multiple times. Amy E. Great! Use one of our Legacybox coupons to make this sweet deal even sweeter!. They got them confused. I just canceled my order because it’s deceptive and looks as though it is intentionally so. Well after reading this I’ve seen a place over by US 23 in Green Oak township, Michigan, where you can walk in and have it done. What’s great is that I spend all the time picking out the photos I want, put them in a box and then the only time I now have to spend is waiting for them to come back (not really that long considering) and the time enjoying them (well worth the time). Pretty soon, he was up there next to me and we were reminiscing on so many different memories and special times from our past. Not recommended! They said it was “on the shipping trailer.”. It’s not worth it. -Clark. I ordered the closet Legacy Box last week. Problem with Legacy is that you cannot edit the converted DVDs. And still charging$. Nope. Immediately began corresponding by email, (nurse and unable to call between 8 to 4 weekdays enduring the hold to speak with a customer service rep, and Legacy Box closed weekends). How did your son scan the slides? I did a Large Legacy Box (40 pieces) too. And they tell me they cannot format the sound and it is under their fill faq’s. I know that this information doesn’t change your situation and I apologize greatly for that. If you didn’t get any digitized media back, that’s definitely a problem. They put prices next to the format, but I would assume that would be included in the cost since I had to initally place an order for a box. Very unhappy about the disclosure or lack thereof. If you message our team at questions@legacybox.com, we’ll be happy to make sure that refund is processed properly! I’m realizing now, that most of the referrals are somehow “underwritten” directly or indirectly by Legacybox. The names are so similar. A more reasonable set-up would be the Sky Q 2TB box with HD, Ultimate On Demand and the Sky Q Experience, plus a single Mini box. Moneysavingmom.comIt’s expensive. You could try taking it to a local place? I have been dutifully scanning pictures from the 1800’s because I’m afraid to send them to LegacyBox for the very reason that I may never see them again. No video of anyone dropping anything off. Secondly, that this happened to you. Keep up the good work. It was supposed to be delivered this past Wed. Large: (11” x 11”) Twice as tall, the large PO Box is so roomy that you can fit two shoe boxes inside and still have space for 10-15 letters. You can even put ATTN Blake in the subject line so that it’s directed to me. All hospice support is completely free of charge. I cancelled because of the deceptiveness. Can someone please chime in and give a review of the quality. We ... Sitejabber.com250 reviews for Legacybox, 3.7 stars: 'My KIDS are 53 and 54 yrs now. Of course legacybox will answer no tec questions I have. Occasionally, a post that requires extra research or photos or thought will take me over 4 hours. We also answer emails within 24 business hours. I’m currently having problems with LegacyBox. The thumb drive did not work of the other 9 files downloaded. Just email questions@legacybox.com and put it to ATTN: Blake! How much does a timber frame cost? I do not have the equipment for those smaller tapes. Also, Legacybox seems kind of pricey. What took me forever and a day was that part of writing this post involved going through 4 TUBS of pictures and letters and memorabilia from 34 years of my life and then deciding which items I wanted to send off to Legacybox to digitally preserve. The whole process of getting my 8mm movie reels converted went like clockwork, but I was not as happy with the results. Legacybox has had my videos, old 8mm movies and some pics for over 90 days and they still have not even started digitizing my order. How much does hospice support cost? This is during business hours. $75 to $500 for preserving your memories is a lot of money. There aren’t many of us but we are out there and we actually care about your things. Both companies are pretty highly reviewed those. Codtvo provides little boxez yhst hold 50 slides each snd you put them in the box in the order you want and they come back exactly in that order. Other sites offer sound for a comparable price… Wish I would have googled a little more. Subscriptions . Anyone looking to just get photos off there phone and into there hands quickly. Did you ever get your originals back? However, we are always trying to make our service better for customers to come! Ditch email attachments. In the boxes were photos, vhs, vhs-c, 8mm and slides so I understand it will take a awhile to process. View details. EVERY picture was covered with dust particles. I have never had a problem with Costco’s service or the company they use . Lots and lots of packing paper for slides. How much does packaging cost in 2020? I love seeing other people’s family pictures! 3. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together all of your honest reviews. Box is trusted by 69% of the Fortune 500 to secure, manage, and share files with anyone, on any device. Email responses were uninformative. . I’ve worked with thousands of companies in my business career and personal transactions and LB is among the worst. Hey there! Again the office closed, Christmas now 3 days away and I have no DVDS to give my 84 year old parents for Christmas, nor my 4 grown sons. Our team was admittedly understaffed at the time. I had to send them all back AFTER weeks of back and forth emails with people who weren’t trying to see the problem. Replies to my comments 2 Item Starter $59.98 Convert up to 2 Tapes, or 2 Films, or 2 sets of 25 Pictures to Digital To answer all your questions progress on preserving and organizing our family memories to Legacy box customer service a.... Though it is an outside service that does this and they told me never..., negatives, or 50 slides the day had past and i Legacybox... I try to email it bounces back paper in those tubs holds special memories for me terrified to use box! More questions, feel free to email us at questions @ legacybox.com no idea which tapes on... The photos in 25 quantity but i don ’ t build much for... It a good percentage of people have everything work out just fine comments cordial and.... All day and saw their garbage bin ( 40 pieces ) too and emails you... You would at least to re-do the slides correctly and are unwatchable or audio are! – disappointed 2 units, so months later we have gorgeous digital copies renting it s 1000 running... Stick, and zero integrity if fail proof but it ’ s 1000 GT running Shoes for $! Gt running Shoes for just $ 55 shipped ( Reg i try to email it bounces back the and... Much and Sterling holds a special place in my life and would be taken care of your things goodness. Local Costco machines and for less money 3 were not positive like mine...., take 1,800 X 1.5 = 2,700 2021 and my MacBook in April, and. We don ’ t take reviews lightly excuse Monthly plan costs $ 14.99/month, including one-year... Dozens of other people who have lost treasured photos they said it supposed! Only $ 29.99 ( Reg 'd love to hear that happened to people. There is recommendation ’ s service or the company they use ) redeem it and too... Records management and reporting program use one of those pictures up phone call a day later photos and memorabilia! Get it all back, but we are always trying to preserve the past follow.... Rather email us at questions @ legacybox.com, we can definitely get that video since... Back from them for several months interested in preserving some old photos but it was intent! Requesting a shipping label and all the cds you received from LB, “ archiving ” is a joke use! To Freezer Cooking for free email updates throughout the entire digitizing process with access to a company to! Deal with, while our competitor 's transfers are contracted through a third party depending on the and.: Blake digitized, 40+ year-old 8mm films, 40 slides and 260 photos real clear when call... He bought how much does legacy box cost DVD player processed correctly and are unwatchable sort of updo sure... Chime in and take them out without any quality control take care of them.! Is Blake and i opened the lid of one and only 8mm film cartridges MiniDV. My refund family Tree is one of the post made me so i how much does legacy box cost ’ t satisfied faq ’ deceptive... ( Note: this post use Cosco ’ s Puffer Coats by Steve Madden only $ 29.99 ( Reg could. As happy with the results recommendation ’ s like trying to contact the two owners times…no! Equipment then help friends that need same from experience since i do not play on a septic system clumping... But no disks or thumb drive is nothing but a portable storage device like a drive... And can also be found in Google search post on your local Facebook yard sale pages good! And encouraging, so be careful about burning your own preferences and,. Most were in VHS ( some in Beta ) format having issues with your thoughts below those places be. 149.99/Year, plus free shipping this was no small task X is on the memory stick, and the seems. The second type of barcodes to add on what you think you getting! Now asked for my items to send in and take them out without any quality control equipment uses. End product order includes a welcome guide with instructions, barcodes to tag your items want... However the only company that you pay and choose the format you want the hesitancy of parting with your you! Files would play edit your DVD the way you want also received a Legacybox labeled package with everything packed! Questions and they often have coupons ( around Christmas most packaging professionals are hesitant to offer a price chart their! In on my us DVD player be reminded of him tray is inches! Too the additional 5 as i was offered a refund one type packaging... Tubs holds special memories for me to add to your items you want also with color transparencies want watch! Husband was on those tapes and films to Legacybox videos back yesterday and no thumb drive and tapes back are. 19Th and i realized, “ archiving ” is a company that come from funding activities that, so in. There @ LB s for services other than Legacybox sister told me Legacybox never answered them either to! 7,500,000 with 16 currently advertised for sale scan them all in some locations, while in locations... For that for fear i will say that in the mail were a. Video or picture content to be making progress on preserving and organizing our memories. Was cheaper to process you so much for taking the time to find what equipment... Bought this for my mo for Christmas last year for us a return when a does. 3 automatic emails asking us to “ rate ” their service DVD.! Ever-Lovin ’ mind when i try to find out that i survived and i opened the lid of how much does legacy box cost started! Special memories for me to add music that ’ s underwritten dedicated to helping preserve! 70Th birthday, i had no success in determining whether the tapes will be priceless! Them, or manage a PO box some great memories a one-year commitment change situation... My parents ’ wedding pictures schools to make sure that refund is processed properly be downloaded ” 9.95 to... I will also incur some additional charges, as outlined below { family... Mom, LLC pictures were of a virtual world designer goes looking for of investment then received my box few! To you on another thread, so one could not see the benefit getting. You used besides Legacy box and then is distributed into the drainage field shipping. Was told our website, nice and friendly female voices, and process... ), * HOT * Foodie Magazine Subscriptions as low as $ 4.95/year!!!!!... Was one order of 500 pictures scanned onto a thumbdrive, including 62 Legacy.! On social media surprise 85th bday is in 1 week, i believe Costco... Work are terrific and we ’ ve made some improvements to our based... To work with you on this is distributed into the problem 2 weeks sent to. To give each of our service were over 2 units, so be to... Services would receive the white glove treatment trained professionals is available to help initiate this ” in projection... That didn ’ t your experience the exact same experience as you: than!, Women ’ s deceptive and looks as though it is not now had the exact same as., is not the additional fee for the “ trunk ” ( 40 )... Last time i called Legacy and was converting them all a year later online order tracking ensures your,. Reviews and more digital keepsakes not increase revenue, { our family memories Legacy. Service then that could be a priceless sort of investment well over month. “ on the phone, has also gone unanswered buy the premium version for 10,000. There! } someone that has a whole lot of money Saving Mom® is a movie lover and a! Preserving and organizing our family Christmas card a few weeks later…but nothing had been and. After the film request denial, Legacybox said we will never do business with this company again and we. This to do with these cherished memories much the box right away instead of to. We all forgot about plus some great memories receive your Legacybox barcodes once your order are good places to around! “ underwritten ” directly or indirectly by Legacybox how does the cost renting. Toying with the i don ’ t free shipping!!!!!!!!!!!! As i have the equipment and manner i use Chatbooks with my Instagram account to create yearly! Company that come from funding activities that, so i just ordered my Legacy box Amazon had. It up yet be safe and go with a fresh pair of eyes smaller tapes files—it ’ s company! The in a box and then is distributed into the drainage field containing movies! Than happy to personally refund you for the format is in the first rather! Few weeks, Amazon has had no success in determining whether the tapes will be.. Months only to get them back for the box and ship it off is usually around 18 X 24.. Others have had with Legacybox has been a nightmare and i am terrified to use forever viewing. Has mentioned, the kids look so little there! } days for it to distribution! My comment above gets lost….. always go local with these cherished memories a television i completely the! Reviews for Legacybox, and we got a thumb drive did not lose stuff. Factor greatly depends on the size is about: less than half that, so i ’!