HK$1200. The foundation receives an ongoing subvention from the Hong Kong Government. Schools may or may not raise their prices for each academic year. $2,500 Annual Capital Levy. Annual Tuition Fees; $6,890 (for 3 school days) 11 instalments, $75,790 annually: $9,185 (for 4 school days) 11 instalments, $101,035 annually: Travelling Distance. Our School is not selective: admission depends above all on the student’s ability to benefit from an ESF education. Located in a green setting on the south side of Hong Kong Island, it caters for 1,400 students from 35 different nations. Average tuition fee : Year 7 to 11- $105,700 Year 12 to 13 - $111,100. It is possible to purchase Individual Nomination Right (500 000 HKD) which entitles the holder to a one time nomination of one child for a place in the school. New Policy and Procedures for Admission is now in force. May 2016 – Present 4 years 6 months. The school prides itself on a strong values-based philosophy, an international outlook, a personalised curriculum and very high academic standards. Graduates may earn the Hong Kong Diploma or IB Diploma in the senior school. Location: 125 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong The amounts of deposit for an ESF primary and secondary school place are HK$10,000 and HK$16,000 respectively, which have to be paid when a school place at an ESF primary or secondary school is accepted. Kellett School was founded in 1976 as a not-for-profit association by like-minded parents, in order to provide a high-quality British education to the English-speaking community in Hong Kong. There are many public, private and charter schools near you that cater to both expat and local students. 2013 – 2014 1 year. ... selective? At secondary schools including Sha Tin College, South Island School, King George V, West Island School, and Island School, the fees for Years 7 to 11 increased from HKD 128,400 to HKD 133,800; families of students studying the IBDP in Years 12 and 13 … Hong Kong SAR. Sign up for our newsletters to get all our top stories delivered. Top university acceptances: Across all English Schools Foundation locations, graduates have been admitted to University College London, University of Toronto, The University of Edinburgh, New York University, University of California (Berkeley, Los Angeles), University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, The London School of Economics and Political Science, South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Rd, Deep Water Bay, South Island School. Hong Kong Adventist Academy is a co-educational Christian secondary school. The film and media department has its own TV studio complete with an HD projector, surround sound system and electronically controlled white screen. My school has over 150 senior graduates per year and our senior school consists of both year 12 and 13 which makes the number of "Upper School Students" or "senior school" students reach about 300. IGCSE and IB. Level. News and views. PPT Slides. Educational Qualification. See The 2019 Best International Schools List, Read The Full Guide To Hong Kong International Schools, Hong Kong Social Distancing Rules For Covid-19: What You Can And Can’t Do, The Best Restaurant Delivery and Takeaways In Hong Kong, First Look: The Hari Hong Kong Opens This December 2020, 10 Of The Best Christmas Afternoon Teas To Try In Hong Kong 2020. Hong Kong ... (International & PGT Tuition Fee Campaign) University of Sussex Students' Union. 10 hours. Prep to Grade 12. The school is keen on a 1:1 laptop program, using Apple computers inside and outside of the classroom. It caters for 1,440 students from around 40 different nations. Admissions. South Island School is part of the English Schools Foundation of 22 Schools in Hong Kong that operates within the ESF government ordinance. The deposit will be credited towards the total tuition. At South Island School, staff and students treat each other with great respect. Deposit. : No. The school prides itself on a strong values-based philosophy, international outlook, a personalised curriculum and high academic standards. 5 hours. Javascript is disabled!common.-_please_enable_js, South Island School is a dynamic, innovative and forward-looking school located in a green setting on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Tuition and other fees for 2020/2021 school year All amounts are in Hong Kong Dollars. An Acceptance Deposit must be paid to secure a child’s placement. THS Parent Dock. Today, Kellett, the British International School in Hong Kong, educates over 1300 students from 4 to 18 years in the English National Curriculum. Follow THS on Facebook. Application fee. The school fees policy forms part of the contract between the School and parents. Curriculum. Fees: Years 7-11: HK$128,400 • Years 12-13: HK$135,500 Debentures: None Campus and facilities: South Island School has an indoor 25m heated swimming pool, sports hall, an AstroTurf with floodlights, fitness and weight training area, climbing wall, two outside basketball/tennis courts and an indoor gymnastics and trampolining area. 5 miles . School Name. HK$3750. The School prides itself on its strong learning-based philosophy, its international outlook, its personalised curriculum and its high academic standards. A growing number of international and private schools in Hong Kong plan to freeze tuition fees, as the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic bring financial trouble for parents. South Island School is a proud member of the ESF family. Discounted Rate . The Fine Arts are also supported with a full stage, music rooms and art studios. About the school. THS Family Portal. Fees: Years 7-11: HK$128,400 • Years 12-13: HK$135,500. Home. This includes students who are transferring from an ESF primary school to an ESF secondary school. HK$2400. Hong Kong; 2018; Learning Materials. I don't know much about South Island School, but as a graduate of West Island School, I can share with you som information about a typical ESF secondary school. At secondary schools including Sha Tin College, South Island School, King George V, West Island School, and Island School, the fees for Years 7 to 11 stay as HKD 133,800; families of students studying the IBDP in Years 12 and 13 continue to pay HKD 140,700. Full fees published by “South Island School”: Tell us your preferences and we’ll calculate your compatibility. 15 hours. The Acceptance Deposit is non-refundable if the student decides at a later date not to attend the school. Find, research, and compare the best international schools. 2 Police School Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong English, Mandarin Chinese IGCSE & IB Prep Year to Diploma - over 1,400 Hong Kong 146,000 - 176,000: Singapore International School Foundation Limited South Island School: 50 Nam Fung Road, Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong English IGCSE, IB Diploma, IBCP 1,400 Hong Kong Island South 122,900-129,100