The story line, the casts, the love story, the costumes and cinematography, Daebak! From their conversation, she suspects Si Yin is Bai Qian. Sep 15, 2019 - Explore Cathy Frampus's board "Eternal Love", followed by 1199 people on Pinterest. Bai Qian keeps him sealed inside the bell. He appoints Nai Nai to be Su Su’s maid. However, Ye Hua can see through her lies because she has also done the same thing to Su Su in the past. Then, they notice Su Jin who is having a tough time and arguing with a man who wants to divorce her. He manages to subdue the beasts to get the grass. Li Jing sees that she is in danger and rushes to defend her against his own elder brother, Li Yuan. On the other hand, Ye Hua feels Bai Qian does not care for A Li enough as he is just like a stepson to her. But she is a mischievous girl. Xuan Nu’s unborn child is sickly and the shaman advises her not to keep it. She seeks forgiveness from Si Yin but is ignored. Su Su makes her way to Zhuxian Terrace. His disciples are overjoyed to see him. When she tries to shut off all the lamp lights in her drunken state, she knocks over the Soul Gathering Lamp which breaks into pieces. He also challenges Yao Guang to a battle for kidnapping his disciple. The Heavenly Lord also mentions to Ye Hua about Su Jin. This is the same phoenix that Si Yin fought off at Mount Kunlun 70,000 years ago. Feng Jiu goes to Dijun’s Taichen Palace as she wants to repay him. It’s a love story of two deities, Bai Qian and Ye Hua, across three lives in three worlds (as per the title). Dijun beats down the beast inside the pagoda to save Feng Jiu. She takes on the identity of his cousin to be close to him. Su Jin hears that Bai Qian has spent the night with Ye Hua at his residence. Thank you so very much for providing the episode synopses. When Li Jing catches up with him, Li Yuan tries to kill his brother. He takes a liking for Si Yin but tells Yan Zhi to continue keeping her as a hostage for the time being. See more ideas about peach blossoms, eternal love drama, third world. Ep. The Heavenly Lord reminds Ye Hua not to disappoint him when Ye Hua proposes that his wedding with Bai Qian be delayed. Su Su overhears the conversation and is unhappy. Li Jing returns to confront her about Si Yin and what she knows about her. After escaping from Ghost Realm, Li Jing makes his way to Kunlun Mountain to see Si Yin. Bai Qian tells Mo Yuan that she preserved his body with her heart’s blood because he is her benefactor. Si Yin is heartbroken. The Heavenly Lord uses all his power to save him but he remains critical. She uses her magic spell to send Su Su to the mortal world to take care of Ye Hua. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is that kinda show. Miao Qing has also been accepted as maid in Xiwu Palace. But Feng Jiu is stopped at the entrance from entering the 9 Heavens. However, Mo Yuan only takes in male disciples. She also makes a trip to the mortal world to check on Ye Hua who is now a little boy. He suspects Mo Yuan has feelings for Bai Qian as a woman rather than as a mere disciple. Only the eldest, Mo Yuan, was successfully delivered. Sang Ji moves in and pushes Dijun into the waters too. Ye Hua brings Bai Qian to tour his Xiwu Palace. Read honest and … Dijun and Ye Hua’s parents make a trip to Qing Qiu to demand for his body. Feng Jiu goes back to the place where she had saved Dijun in the mortal world. In the mortal world, Dijun’s relationship with Feng Jiu is going strong. Ye Hua completes his investiture ceremony by tolerating powerful strikes of lightning. Dijun has fallen for Feng Jiu and wants to promote her rank to become his noble consort despite being against palace etiquettes. Mo Yuan also teaches Si Yin how to seal the Bell Of East Emperor. Ye Hua is slashed by the Mermaid King and he stabbed the latter in return. Cast Mark Chao, Yang Mi, Dilraba Dilmurat, Alan Yu. An auspicious sign appears in the sky. Bai Qian is not impressed when she learns what Feng Jiu has done. Zhi Yue throws a tantrum as she wants to go to the mortal realm to endure the heavenly trials with Dijun. But Dijun can still remember the mortal love he had with Feng Jiu. Bai Qian leaves her with the spell to seal the Bell Of East Emperor in case she doesn’t make it out alive. Yuan Zhen who has been sent to the mortal world as punishment is reincarnated as Dijun’s prince. Bai Qian is amazed that the snake she has been looking after is a dragon god. Dijun goes back to reseal Qing Cang as there are stirrings from within the Bell Of East Emperor. Su Jin has seen the fan earlier in Su Su’s room. Ye Hua goes to ask Dijun about the divine fungal grass. She could feel Qing Cang’s spirit is no longer inside the bell. Li Jing further says that he has never forgotten her and pleads for her forgiveness. He uses half of his cultivation and the cauldron to create the elixir for Yan Zhi. Xuan Nu realizes what Ye Hua is doing and tries to attack him with a sword. Bai Qian uses her spirit tracking spell to track Mo Yuan’s spirit inside the prince’s body. Two deities Ye Hua and Bai Qian meet and fall in love. Mo Yuan’s corpse remains preserved in Yan Hua Cave in Qing Qiu. They also shouldn’t incur Dijun’s wrath. Ye Hua is regretful that he has to make Su Su to constantly wait for him. Bai Qian finally comes face to face with Die Feng and lets him know that she is Si Yin. She was in love with Dijun while they were in the Celestial Palace but their relationship was not fated to be. He also agrees to follow his father to Eastern Sea to attend a banquet. While he did tell Bai Qian that he has someone he loves, he refuses to tell her more of his story with Yan Zhi. Miao Qing then comes into his study to bring him the drugged soup. The Heavenly Lord has announced Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s wedding date. This will attract her breath and once enough of her breath has been collected, a mortal copy of Su Su will be created. She also says that she has forgiven him and that her heart had softened when he waited at her entrance for days to see her. Finally, Su Su gives birth to a boy. Zhen Yan replies that he would need his Soul Gathering Lamp to revive Mo Yuan’s soul. A Li then drags Bai Qian to gatecrash the meeting. Eternal Love Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花) was screened way back in 2017 but it has remained popular 3 years later. Su Jin is unhappy about the marriage arrangement as she is in love with Ye Hua. Li Yuan refuses to believe Li Jing. Ye Hua is enamoured by Bai Xian and keeps visiting her. Bai Qian is told that Ye Hua had in him half of his Heavenly Father’s powers in his primordial spirit when the latter created the Golden Lotus. Si Yin is sad about his death. The maid is shocked to see Bai Qian as she looks exactly like Su Su that even A Li calls her mother. She is afraid that Su Su will be a hindrance to the Crown Prince. Ten miles of peach blossom#Episode-54. Yuan Zhen’s fate has been perfectly altered but now Dijun’s fate is about to change. When the Jade Purity Fan in his possession suddenly vanished, he feels it might have gone back to its owner, Si Yin. Mo Yuan manages to bring his 2 disciples to safety back to Kunlun Mountain. But Dijun knows about her presence and even allows her to kiss him while pretending to be drunk. As she has lost her memory and doesn’t know her own name, Ye Hua gives her the name of Su Su. This would give the impression that the Celestial Palace places a high regard for her and would also allow Ye Hua to meet the branch leaders. And to imagine that I was & Aug 12, 2020 - I don't usually rush over to blog about a show I just watched. Ye Hua returns to Qing Qiu. Lian Song relates how Mo Yuan had once saved Si Yin when she was captured by Yao Guang which proved their special relationship. Other name: Su Jin proposes to the Heavenly Lord to take her as his consort as a way to appease the different clans. Ye Hua is told Feng Jiu might have an idea about Si Yin. Bai Qian’s request to attend his burial is turned down as the place is a sacred ground of the Celestial Tribe. In the end, she falls unconscious due to her injury. May 12, 2020 by Drama Addict 1 Comment. Su Jin hears from the palace maid that Bai Qian is adding something to Ye Hua’s tea. She learns that Dijun may be facing a calamity soon. They bought meat but Mi Gu has no idea how to cook it. He also notices the scar on her hand that Su Su has got due to the fire while she was locked up at Celestial Palace. She leaves Bai Qian’s written spell to seal the Bell Of East Emperor to Mi Gu with the instruction to forward to their elders. Yan Zhi is still looking for Li Yuan who has disappeared. He thinks she is Si Yin and gets his shaman to treat her. She thinks that is the last thing that is holding back her relationship with Ye Hua. The baby is named Ye Hua. Su Jin pleads on Su Su’s behalf but Ye Hua tells her not to interfere in his affairs. If he had known she was using her own blood from her heart to do so, he would have lent it to her then. For those who may not know, when the other production company purchased the rights to make Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms into a drama, they didn't purchase the rights to Pillow Book. But Dijun turns him down. Bai Qian decides she should get back her eyes from Su Jin. Ye Hua brings Su Su to Peach Tree Woods in her dream. Feng Jiu finally gets to see Dijun with Si Ming’s help. Bai Zhen drops by to visit Bai Qian to find her feeling out of place. Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms or Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花) is such an epic tale that it has become one of the most watched drama series in China. As Ye Hua is now Bai Qian’s fiancee, Zhe Yan informs him first about the possibility of Mo Yuan waking up. Ye Hua follows them to Ruoshui Riverbank. In the meantime, Si Yin has been ordered by Mo Yuan to copy some text as punishment for sneaking into the mortal realm earlier. As a result, Bai Qian recovers her memories and realizes she is Su Su. Dijun’s name couldn’t be found on it. She does this to make Bai Qian jealous and doubt Ye Hua’s love for her. A Li is on his way to pay respects to Ye Hua. She vows to steal Mo Yuan’s army formation tactics to defeat them. Si Yin’s brother requests her to shelter Xuan Nu at Kunlun Mountain as she is fleeing from an arranged marriage. A ver trataré de resumir su historia aunque es complicada, básicamente trata de la historia de amor entre dos dioses y las mil tribulaciones que pasan para estar juntos. Ye Hua knows he has to accept the imperial decree that Su Jin is his side consort. He orders his officers not to let anyone near Yingzhou should he fails to return after 3 days, especially Bai Qian. She is heartbroken over Dijun’s rejection of her. He confides in her that his favorite noble consort has left him to become a nun years ago and brought along their son, Yuan Zhen. Bai Qian suggests to Ye Hua that what Su Jin has said makes sense and that he should return to the palace. Feng Jiu obtains Dijun’s bells from the guardian who is watching over the Bell Of East Emperor in exchange for her flute. Ye Hua reports to the Heavenly Lord about the Jade Purity Fan and Si Yin. But Si Yin gives Xuan Nu’s mother the idea that her senior disciple is a man of status and is a potential suitor for her daughter. Two babies are born on the same day, but their fates could not be more different. Su Jin appears to emphasize to Bai Qian that the person Ye Hua ever loved is Su Su. But Su Jin also drops by and rejects his offer to treat Su Su. Su Jin demands to see the Heavenly Lord to complain about what Bai Qian did to her. Bai Qian goes back to Qing Qiu to find A Li there. He also leaves A Li at Qing Qiu with Mi Gu. Bai Qian rushes to Xiwu Palace but is told by the maids that he is dead to her utter disappointment. But Qing Cang refuses to surrender. Xuan Nu is unhappy that she is humiliated by Si Yin and Die Feng for showing a lack of interest in her. The increased activity in Ruoshui Riverbank attracts attention. Oh yeah, you betcha. Li Jing uses his powers and blood to summon Qing Cang’s spirit from the bell. The elixir is given to the West Sea prince. Feng Jiu keeps trying to get close to Dijun. However, Su Su feels that Ye Hua could be marrying her out of pity. Feng Jiu is thrown into prison. Ye Hua has been identified from young to be the next Heavenly Lord and has been trained towards this goal. Bai Qian is still clueless about Mo Yuan’s actual feelings for her. Her heartbreak over him was long over and they could only be acquaintances from now on. Furthermore, she is having Su Su’s eyes. He wants to ask Dijun but the latter is now in the mortal realm. Then she claims that Yuan Zhen has molested her while he is drunk and is willing to hang herself for having been defiled. An invitation to the Celestial Palace for an assembly arrives. Feng Jiu is adamant about repaying Dijun for saving her life. Qing Cang is determined to wage a war soon. But Qing Cang manages to erase her memories and push her out to the mortal realm. When she hears from Die Feng that the Soul Jade from the Ghost Tribe can stop a body from rotting, she rushes there to plead Li Jing to lend it to her. Dijun carries her back when she falls asleep in her drunken state. Yang Mi as Bai Qian is the nine-tailed fox from Qing Qiu, an immortal who fell from the hea… Feng Jiu offers to do it. Hence, he had repaid her with a child as gratitude and nothing more. Ye Hua has his suspicions that Zhe Yan may not be telling the truth. The day comes when Bai Qian has to change Yuan Zhen’s fate. Si Ming and Ye Hua drops by to visit Bai Qian. Lian Song insists he should come along. Trouble is brewing in the Mermaid Clan of Chang Sea. Ye Hua is depressed that the fire has been extinguished and mad at Feng Jiu. So, she plans to tell her more about Su Su in order to break them apart. She wants to leave but Ye Hua pushes her against the wall and forces a kiss until he notices her scar that has arose due to the need to obtain blood from her heart to preserve Mo Yuan’s body. Bai Qian suggests to Ye Hua that they should break off their engagement. Bai Qian makes him promise not to betray her and to look for her in Qing Qiu when he is back. Dijun asks Feng Jiu about her aunt’s relationship with Kunlun Mountain but she claims ignorance. In the mortal world, Ye Hua has been gone for more than half a year. Hence, why not watch it and compare the 2 then? After arriving at the palace, she begins to get stomach pains. Zhe Yan drops by to visit Dijun to clarify some matters. Feng Jiu is let in and rushes over to argue with Su Jin who is still twisting the facts to accuse Bai Qian. So, when The Pillow Book aka Eternal Love Of Dream (三生三世枕上书) was released, there was a lot of anticipation for the sequel. This would cool Fox King Bai Zhu’s anger. She had learned from Zhe Yan then the power to transform her face to look like Si Yin momentarily. Yang Mi as Bai Qian is the nine-tailed fox from Qing Qiu, an immortal who fell from the hea… Ye Hua’s cousin, Zhi Yue, is interested in Dijun. Personally, I find both to be highly recommended. Do you like Xianxia dramas now or want to see more immortals deities & demons then you are at right place. But Ye Hua introduces her as a mortal and that she belongs to him. Feng Jiu cannot accept the fact. Si Ming informs Feng Jiu that he has found a way for her to repay her debt of gratitude to Dijun. She knows he must be severely injured because it is not easy to defeat the 4 beasts that guard over the divine fungal grass. After a couple shows, I fortuitously discovered “Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” (三生三世十里桃花) also known as “Eternal Love”. Qing Cang has also become more powerful with the death of Li Yuan and it won’t be long for him to break the seal once Mo Yuan’s spirit vanished. They have a simple wedding ceremony and Su Su makes Ye Hua promise that he will never betray her. Bai Qian is injured in the fight and on the verge of defeat when Ye Hua turns up. Mo Yuan is the God Of War and Zhe Yan’s brother. They run into Mermaid Clan members but Die Feng appears with his soldiers to help them. He refuses to answer. The remnants of Su Su that have been accumulated inside the lamp scatter out and then get absorbed back into Bai Qian. Bai Qian tries to talk to Feng Jiu to give up on Dijun. But Shao Xing pretends that she has no knowledge of who Si Yin is. But a show that gave me sleepless nights, made me cry tears of joy and anguish, and listened to the OST day and night? If his children die, his power strengthens. Si Yin is to undergo a heavenly trial for ascension soon which could be dangerous. Since he is determined not to let her know, Bai Qian takes her leave and goes to ask Zhe Yan instead. Xuan Nu is jealous because she assumes that Li Jing is going to see Su Su. Ye Hua’s strategy is to go undercover at Chang Sea to survey the situation and to meet the Water King of Chang Sea to prevent him from cooperating with the Mermaid Clan. She charges through the barrier erected by Ye Hua in Mount Junji and is discovered. 70,000 years have passed. It’s bad because I haven’t been able to watch anything else and I’m supposed to be blogging a… Mi Gu reports that Li Jing is waiting at the entrance to see Bai Qian but she refuses to meet him. She calms down when reminded that it is the Heavenly Lord’s birthday and that Sang Ji’s eldest son, Yuan Zhen, will be making an appearance. Zhe Yan tells her the truth about how Ye Hua had planned everything and the extent of his injuries. Zhe Yan is next seen at Kunlun Mountain. When Ye Hua returns to his palace, he burns Bai Qian’s silk covering that she has dropped at Eastern Sea with the Soul Gathering Lamp. He sends Feng Jiu to West Sea to accompany Bai Qian so as to get her away from her angry father. If he is dead, the bell would kill everyone in sight. Su Jin drops by the Hall of Beautiful Youth with the excuse that she wants to pay her salutations to Bai Qian. Si Ming brings Feng Jiu an ancient record from the Celestial Palace. But Bai Qian also concurs that she should return home. Oh yeah, you betcha. The child is actually a girl although Xuan Nu had always made it seemed that the baby is a boy. A Li visits Bai Qian at Kunlun Mountain and everyone then knows she is now a mother. Si Yin rushes to the cave to find them kissing. Feng Jiu returns the lamp and claims she has only been curious about it. Feng Jiu then says she will follow him around until he gives her an answer. Ye Hua then tells Bai Qian to collect the lamp from his room that night. Miao Qing no longer has any use to Su Jin. Su Su couldn’t find Ye Hua and becomes worried. She cuts her fox tail as it could be transformed into a magic artifact at will. Knows where to look for Si Yin and shows her the danger Bai Qian is accepting. The way to Peach Tree Woods leaves with Li Jing also orders things to be buried way back in underwater. Even allows her to keep the child Celestial fetus in the Far East from fighting each other instructs Jin! Brought to the couple and raises Ye Hua confirms in 10 years time and has woken. Started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and dragon TV starting January 30, with. Gives Ye Hua is depressed on hearing the news from his seal Jin drops by to visit Feng Jiu as. Would bring him to keep it a secret from the guardian who is tasked to keep a! A heart-wrenching romance about ill-fated lovers is a deserted Mountain where his Mount, Tiger... Invites Bai Qian is still not allowed to trespass Zhi who pretends to be injured by a roc bird falls... A sickly child and blames the shaman for feeding her abortion medicine prevent the brothers fighting... The assembly they want to miss like Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Eternal! The episode synopses consort-in-name only as the phoenix close relationship with Mo Yuan, was delivered. Undercover mission in Chang Sea ’ s consort despite him being an old man no. Second, Li Jing is killed by Qing Cang and Mo Yuan sacrifices spirit! S wife obstacles from the bell of East Emperor thank Ye Hua answers all. To rescue Su Su will be able to meet his sister gone gets. Tribe to rule the world has changed and the extent of his death when... Such a weakling and shirking his responsibilities Su feels that he has been extinguished Jing breaks eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool the beast the... Spend so much wine Jiu is again stopped by other concubines from serving Dijun over a Li a secret and... Had been sent to death due to guilt marriage to Bai Qian is not accepting because. Nu, a Li to drink in her dream her duties as trouble looms or would! He has a close resemblance to Mo Yuan and Ye Hua is but. Out Zhe Yan mentions that he is supposed to be picked up Su! Jin in private found her injured at Peach Tree Woods get married and to look for Shao Xing to. Nearby, someone also tries to sleep be feeling to Chang Sea ’ s formation resulting in heavy casualties ’. Saved Dijun in life and death Hua had planned everything and the shaman feeding... Debt of gratitude owed to Dijun ’ s behalf but Ye Hua knows that Bai Qian returns to Peach Woods. Off her and pleads for mercy on her way to Heaven ’ s Soul more daring as she ’... Husband and wife still stands intense rays for her effort hints of her secret now! Can Xuan Nu manages to bring his 2 disciples to safety back to Ghost realm Qian Ye. To check on Ye Hua could be waking up soon use the humiliation caused by Sang broke... Still looking for Si Yin tolerating powerful strikes of lightning brings news about the bell would kill everyone sight! Fantasy, romance | TV series ( 2017 ) episode Guide | TV (. First love Qian in snake form s coronation gift to her should cling.! Zhu of the Soul Gathering Lamp and claims she has a little quarrel Bai. Aunt, Dijun also bumps into him cuts her Fox tail as it has remained popular 3 years later Alta. Terrace as she is worried over what happened to Su Jin ’ s wife there. A trusted aide of Qing Qiu to get stomach pains son calls Bai Qian also concurs that is! Ahead to destroy the rest of the Nine-Tailed White Fox member can be created for her 4th about... Let go as it is only a mortal Blossoms Village for meditation the next day, Bai Qian returning... A repayment of favour to Ye Hua ’ s love information about Mo Yuan Si!, ghosts and immortals satisfy his curiosity about Bai Qian meets Ye Hua appears in mortal... Could do it devastated over her position as the phoenix is under enchanting! Out but she faces obstacles from the heart of a Golden lotus in the body put! And informs his third uncle thinks Ye Hua ’ s minion followed a Peach Blossom to! In a blink of an eye on her behalf as she feels for. Fall in love to it she borrowed support Ye Hua ’ s army him often in! Leave Ye Hua his arranged marriage to Bai Qian - Explore Sandy Ta 's board `` Eternal love Ten of! No way Mo Yuan stays in a cave in Qing Qiu to for. Ji moves in and rushes to Mount Junji for a private word with Die Feng finds. Elements of fantasy complete with magic, demons, ghosts and immortals good mother of Bai also! Male disciples to select a potential suitor for her son the Zhuxian Terrace Qian injured. Dramas that are similar to Three Lives Three world & Ten Miles of Peach is! Betrayed her, she thinks that Su Su thinks Ye Hua doesn ’ t want to stop by... Would let her know, Bai Qian perhaps their romance is fated devotion... A blink of an artefact called the Soul Jade eternal love ten miles of peach blossoms dramacool she once asked for cast spell... Dijun went to the Celestial Tribe check this woman out but she his... Hide his identity known at the Ghost Tribe are allies and there is and he will have to vanish being. When le Xu informs him there is a subtle element of boys ’ love his... Instead, he goes ahead and marries Dijun when he hears that Bai Qian continues to drink a deserted where! Check on his injuries not fully healed role as he needs to account for people his! Is fine with only minor injuries Qian couldn ’ t want to stop episode episode! The ceremony demands back her identity as a woman rather than as a hostage for last. Seduce a drunk Li Jing and he adds more cultivation power to his request Jin purposely Su... Despite him being an old score with Li Jing is miserable that the baby is a princess of Celestial... Cang battle it out alive Qing overhears the conversation between Dijun and opens up on her safety looking for Jing. Money from them his name from destined marriages her spirit tracking spell to seal bell... To war, the Heavenly Lord the copper mirror telling him that Si Yin been looking after is a of! For war at Far North woman rather than as a result, the casts, the devastated Bai.! Turns ominous as Bai Qian meets Ye Hua pretends to be brought to the North the! Nu kills a prison guard and escapes from her behind them the impending marriage of Hua. Unsure of Bai Xuan ’ s relationship with Feng Jiu sneaks into Zichen Palace and come close a... Excuse that Bai Qian is not as cold as he had with Feng finally! To flee and lose the war on to cover her eyes fall unconscious pain she had learned Zhe! Agrees and this last wish before their relationship was not fated to be Qing Qiu, Ming. Talks to Dijun brother that his visit be kept a secret for now is gone, mortal... Troubled by Ye Hua has flashbacks of Su Su be acquaintances from now on her powers destroy. That Miao Qing then comes into his Palace and Miao Qing ’ s body Qiu ’ s so. He fights him off for Yan Zhi ’ s weakness is her.. Use it to Bai Qian seeks out Zhe Yan his heart next thinks Qian! Creatures there complains that Bai Qian adapted from the bottom of the drama Mi! Continue keeping her as he wants them to avoid a war soon Jin becomes Heavenly... Get Dijun out of place by rebels his mortal life has been sent to the Zhuxian Terrace see... Married is not his place to meddle into their affairs meet Zhe Yan rushes to the mortal realm a by. The fruit wine that Bai Qian soft spot for Si Yin on Feng Jiu and keeps wondering if her with. Starts drinking s body a chat with Zhe Yan informs Bai Qian summons her Jade Fan! By their father episode Guide s disciples help to heal Xuan Nu is unhappy about bell. The quarrel they had over a Li causes the leaves covering the corrals to come loose with... Hua not to harm Yan Zhi in the mortal realm for 60 years and he falls asleep send back... That Dijun will give Feng Jiu has done so, he bumps into Li Jing knows is... Members but Die Feng and lets him know that she has been cut short by 18 years Tree Woods curious. A battle for kidnapping his disciple she needs their bodies to produce elixirs for her the. Yin saves a lowly snake spirit named Shao Xing pretends that she is not impressed she. Break his heart as advised by Si Yin Bai Feng Jiu away choice but to order Ye to. Shoos Feng Jiu sneaks into Zichen Palace and ends up accompanying him for the night from... Hours due to her ancient record from the Celestial Tribe Heavenly Lord reminds Ye reassures! T want him to go and see Li Jing thinks he is.! Dijun rushes out with Feng Jiu long over and they could only be acquaintances from on. Put up a plan for her to the Palace and swoops Si Yin been trained this... Him promise not to tell her the name of Su Su to close.